Federica Vinella is an artist based in Edinburgh specialising in pyrography on wood. She started upcycling furniture in 2013 and now creates one-off beautiful pieces with intricate etchings and unique decorations.

Her background as sculptor mixed with a boundless passion and sheer curiosity for all things handmade transformed her side activity into a recognisable brand. Federica Designs offers a wide range of bespoke wooden objects and pyrographed artistic furniture.

Federica said: “Our one-off products come from a process of rediscovery under the precision of the pyrography coil, which can transform any wooden surface in an art piece. I now teach the technique to students and adults through the Social Enterprise Remade in Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Remakery.”

“It will be fun to show at the Mini Maker Faire how pyrography works and encourage the participants to create their own coasters and decorations using the wood burning kit I will provide. I will be explaining the basics of rescuing furniture pieces in order to transform them into unique objects.”

Meet Federica and learn how to create artistic furniture with wood burning at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 16 April. Get your tickets now. 

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