Fergus Walker has been a tinkerer since a young age. His main training is in product design and in wooden boat building. In the last five years, he has focused his energy on food sovereignty and looking at appropriate new technology and techniques for small-scale farming.

Fergus will be bringing a self-designed and built pedal-powered grain grinding mill that produces wholemeal flour. The machine is a free-standing mill with hopper, millstones and collecting bucket that is connected to a bicycle. Anyone able to ride a bike can mill their own flour on the machine.

Fergus said: “I really wanted to get back to basics and start looking at really empowering people to produce their own food and also process their own food.”

“I was interested in how small-scale processing technology can change our relationship with the food we eat. Processed food is seen as a negative, but the reality is that the simple processing of food (such as grinding grains to make flour) has been part of our society for thousands of years.”

“Now food production is globalised, and most of us have little involvement in food production – we don’t know where our food comes from. Lots of people are growing their own food but not their own grain, as the technology required to process it is not readily available. Can we take back control of the food system by creating a more appropriate scale of technology, and have a lot of fun at the same time?”

Unfortunately, Fergus just told us he won’t be able to bring his project to the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. 

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