“A lab is somewhere you can’t go unless you’re a scientist”…not anymore! ASCUS believes that a laboratory should be a facility accessible to everyone, like a library, so they’ve opened their own at Summerhall in Edinburgh and it sits at the intersection of art and science.

The ASCUS Lab is:
‐A permeable membrane between research / academia and the rest of us: a place where hands‐on engagement happens.
‐A community space for people to meet, explore, debate, learn and experiment together.
‐A space for independent research in art and/or science, and for citizen science.
‐A place for research, development, testing, demonstration and experimentation.

ASCUS Art & Science is a non‐profit organisation dedicated to bringing art and science (in their broadest sense), and artists and scientists, together.

Visit the ASCUS Lab and delve into the weird and wonderful world of DIY Bio. The ASCUS Lab is present in Summerhall year round and for the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire they’ve invited some exceptional ‘Bio Makers’ to join in on the fun. From live Taxidermy to DNA analysis, there will be plenty to excite the bio-curious! Check out their website for programme updates and more information.

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