Joana Aloise is an Italo-Brazilian product designer based in Glasgow. Her passion for jewellery and 3D printing technology has led her to create Strukt, a brand with the vision to explore 3D printing to make beautiful, bold and wearable designs to fit different personalities.

Strukt creates 3D printed jewellery inspired by neo-futuristic architectural structures. It investigates the possibilities 3D printing has to offer to create bold, innovative and beautiful designs.

But, why use 3D printing technology? Joana said: “3D printing was created in the 1980s, but only recently it has become more popular. It produces objects by successively layering material until the completion of the piece, according to a tridimensional digital model. This disruptive technology makes the realisation of complex shaped objects possible. 3D printing has also minimum production waste and allows for the production of pieces in many different materials, including plastic and metal”.

Meet Joana and discover her creations at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 16 April.

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